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Tech Support Phone Number: 1-833-469-9520 

Tech Support Email: [email protected]

Q & A

1. Can we access more tools like coins/base ten blocks?

This is software specific. Our internal whiteboard doesn’t have these tools, though we are continuing to expand it, so they may be included in future updates. These kinds of tools usually come from online sites or educational content.

2. How do you save a slide show on whiteboard and access?

There is not a way to import slides/PPTs on the whiteboard yet. Right now we can only do this with PDFs. I would recommend accessing those types of things from a connected device (whatever teaching device they are using, laptops etc. for familiarity purposes) but you can also access slides/PPTs through File Viewer. You can access content from Google Drive or from a USB flash drive that’s plugged into the display. Here’s a video:

3. How do you minimize an object on whiteboard- it has been glitchy, often times making it bigger or not moving?

To resize objects, select the object (you can do this with the lasso tool) and put two fingers on it, then pull apart or closer together, like you would zoom in and out on a tablet. Sometimes it’s a little hard to grab the corner of the object to resize (since the point is a little small) but that should work as well. If you continue to have issues, we can ask support about this.

4. Weird Glitch- When airplaying using HDMI and transitioning back to internet browser, it always has “:Access Denied” or no internet on the chromium browser. Any way to change this?

I would double check where the Wi-Fi dongle is plugged in. If signal is inconsistent, it may be in the wrong port. Check to make sure it is plugged into the “USB Embedded” port first. If that is already the case, I would have to check with support on this one as well.