Volunteer Information

Volunteer Program

We value the support we receive from volunteers and realize that we would be unable to provide such quality experiences for the children without their time and expertise. Our goal is to facilitate the involvement of parents and community members in our schools in a variety of ways. However, our overriding concern is for the safety of the children in our care. We strive to ensure that our children benefit from the help and support volunteers provide and are also provided with the best possible security.

A volunteer is designated as someone who has applied and been approved by the building principal as a person willing and interested in providing specific and predetermined education or service in a classroom or school-wide setting. All volunteers must be approved by the principal and shall serve under the direct supervision of the professional personnel of the school to which they are assigned or have offered their services. Volunteers may provide regularly scheduled service or a one-time service.

Application Procedure for Volunteers

Volunteers are required to complete an Asa C. Adams Volunteer application before beginning any volunteer activity. An applicant can request to work in a particular assignment or express a general interest in volunteering. Applications are also available at the main office.

Applications will be reviewed by the Volunteer Coordinator, building principal, and/or designee. The coordinator or principal will check all references. When volunteer applications are approved, the applicant will be notified.
A general orientation for all approved volunteers will be conducted by the building principal or designee three times annually. Volunteers must sign the Asa C. Adams volunteer code of conduct prior to volunteering. Additional job-specific orientation will generally be provided by the Asa Adams employee most closely involved with the assignment of the volunteer.